Choose a solar power plant and a nature-friendly lifestyle

Solar power

Solar energy is crucial to life, providing an enormous resource of renewable energy. This, in turn, allows Smartecon to offer economical and sustainable renewable energy solutions.

Solar panels are a great investment opportunity




As part of a well-thought-out solution, solar panels help a building with large energy consumption (such as apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial facilities etc.) to cut back on energy costs. While solar panels generate electricity, you will not be charged with network fees, electricity excise tax or renewable energy fees. You are also not obliged to pay for electricity consumed if it originates from your own solar plant. A personal solar plant means you save money daily. It is wise to invest in solar power in Estonia. Leave the design, connections and construction of the solar park to the professionals at Smartecon. Once the solar park is all set up and activated, you will start saving from day one.

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Investing in solar panels is profitable, as it gives you a steady cash flow, an opportunity to reduce monthly operating costs, and it lowers any risk caused by the volatility in power exchange prices in a competitive market. Building a solar park on the roof of your building or on the edge of your land increases its market value and, due to better enegry efficiency, ensures your property a better-ranking energy label. We offer the most cost-effective solutions and thoroughly thought-out client-specific projects, and we think of the nuances that may be required in those projects that need customized solutions. You can count on us.




Investing in solar panels is responsible and embodies the wish to leave a better world for future generations – a world that is good to live in. CO2 emissions from solar panels are 20 times lower than that produced by generating electricity from coal, which also reduces your ecological footprint. Our wish is to make the most of the energy radiating from the Sun to make the ecological footprint of our time as small as possible. The companies whose products we use for constructing solar parks are the best in the world. We strongly consider nature in every step of our production process, and we are dedicated to offering a service that meets all the necessary regulations. We select partners who follow the principals of recovering and balanced economy in their production processes and for delivering materials, we prefer to use a mode of transport with the lower environmental impact – water transport.

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Why invest in solar panels in cooperation with us?


LHV Green investment loan for companies

The Estonian economy is too CO2-intensive. Therefore, investing in lower energy consumption, renewable energy production and day-to-day resource efficiency is very rewarding. This increases the competitive advantage of any company. With a desire to promote the green revolution in Estonian business and economy, they offer:

  • Investment loan in the amount of up to 500,000 euros with an interest rate of 3.5% + 6-month Euribor

Two of the most common solutions for building a solar plant

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Ground-mounted solar park


This is a great solution for a sparsely populated area, where both on-grid and off-grid parks can be built. In order for private entrepreneurship in rural areas to be sustainable, our team will help create profitable solutions that support your business. Raise value of your unused land with establishing a solar park. Our long-term experience will definitely benefit you. Contact us and we will help you choose the best solution to fit your needs!


Rooftop solar park


Smartecon’s competence enables construction of both one-panel solar plants and industrial production plants. Within ten years we have grown into one of the best companies in our field and can take credit for building all the biggest solar plants in Estonia.

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We will evaluate the possibility of building a solar plant

Before installing the solar panels, it is important to develop an optimal solution; this involves gathering the necessary information for making the right decision, including whether or not investing in a solar park is even the right thing to do. During the initial consultaion, we comprehensively analyse the location of your potential solar park, energy consumption habits, prepare a sketch plan, submit all necessary applications and obtain approvals. Throughout the course of this entire process, we will keep you constantly informed on our progress to achieve the desired outcome.

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